Sahar Saffron, fresh saffron market
Sahar Saffron, fresh saffron market

Welcome to our Fresh Saffron Market

1/4 oz Grade 1, High Quality Fresh saffron 1/4 oz Grade 1, High Quality Fresh Saffron

Dear Friend,

Good quality fresh saffron has a longer shelf life, better flavor, stronger color, and more aroma. We sell fresh saffron with the following guarantee:

  • 100% pure saffron threads
  • Premium quality saffron
  • You will love our saffron or we will refund 100% of what you paid --- no questions asked!


Iranian Saffron

Ancient Persia (Contemporary Iran) has historically been globally renowned for its exquisite saffron. The finest aroma, superb coloring strength, and delectable flavor have earned Iranian saffron a well-deserved reputation. Iranian saffron also boasts low moisture content; hence a longer shelf life and an economically sound investment for the saffron buyer as you get more saffron

Iranian Saffron (2018 crop)

We regret to inform you that as of Nov. 2018, under the new US sanction against Iran, we are not able to import the current crop of the Iranian saffron (2018 crop). Therefore, we are temporarily suspending our operations until sanctions are lifted.


We believe that the supply of food(s) for human consumption should not be sanctioned under any circumstances. It is inhumane and amplifies the existing problems. Sanctions such as this have three immediate effects: First, it puts law-abiding small businesses relying on import/export of food items out of business. Secondly, it opens a market to smugglers and traffickers which not only increases prices but can potentially put consumers at risk without the FDA guidelines being implemented. Finally, wasting taxpayers’ monies to implement and enforce unfair laws that never fully work.


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