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1/4 oz Grade 1, High Quality Fresh saffron 1/4 oz Grade 1, High Quality Fresh Saffron

Dear Friend,

Good quality fresh saffron has a longer shelf life, better flavor, stronger color, and more aroma. We sell fresh saffron with the following guarantee:

  • 100% pure saffron threads
  • Premium quality saffron
  • You will love our saffron or we will refund 100% of what you paid --- no questions asked!


What Is Fresh Saffron?

Fresh saffron is not the same as fresh produce. Saffron threads are not sold right after being plucked from the saffron flower. Saffron threads need to be properly dehydrated to avoid mold and to prolong its shelf life. Once the dehydration process is complete then the saffron is ready to be sold and it can be sold as a fresh saffron for up to one year. So, the definition of fresh saffron is the following:

 "fresh saffron is a saffron that is less than a year old". 
Majority of online saffron sellers use the term "fresh saffron" to describe "quality of saffron" and they do not necessarily mean that their saffron is less than a year old. On this site, fresh saffron means that the saffron is less than a year old. 


How Can I Identify Fresh Saffron?

There are no visual clues to identify fresh saffron from a saffron that is stored properly for few years. Some sellers are claiming that fresh saffron can be identified by the bright orange color on the tip of saffron threads. This is not a sufficient sign of fresh saffron since we can show you three-year-old saffron threads that have orange color tips. If you are searching to buy saffron that is less than a year old you only have two options :

1- trust the sellers claim that their saffron is fresh.
2- buy saffron packages that have crop year date on them. 

At Sahar Saffron, you do not need to take our word for it. All our packages have crop year date. 

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