Sahar Saffron, fresh saffron market
Sahar Saffron, fresh saffron market

Welcome to our Fresh Saffron Market

1/4 oz Grade 1, High Quality Fresh saffron 1/4 oz Grade 1, High Quality Fresh Saffron

Dear Friend,

Good quality fresh saffron has a longer shelf life, better flavor, stronger color, and more aroma. We sell fresh saffron with the following guarantee:

  • 100% pure saffron threads
  • Premium quality saffron
  • You will love our saffron or we will refund 100% of what you paid --- no questions asked!


Our Fresh Saffron Specification:

  • Produced in Mashhad, Iran 
  • Brand name: Super Negin (the most expensive brand of Iranian saffron)
  • Crop year: Oct. 2017
  • Less than a year old (fresh saffron)
  • Grade 1 
  • Coloring strength: Excellent
  • Quality Rate: 3.74 (it means that the quality of our saffron is 3.74 times higher than the quality of any entry-level grade 1 saffron. An entry level grade 1 saffron is a saffron that has the minimum quality requirements in order to be classified as a grade 1 saffron)
  • Threads are thin and have dark red color
  • Whole thread length is about 3/4 inch
  • Low moisture content (threads are fragile) which can be translated into:
    • longer shelf life
    • easier to grind
    • economically sound investment for the saffron buyer as you get more saffron.
  • 100% natural threads with no additives of any kind
  • Lot ID: 75
  • Import Date: May 2018
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